Sister uses the opposite HVAC as me

My brother called me today and he was complaining about the frosty weather. He said that it had only got into the sixties this afternoon and he was cold. They had to turn on their oil furnace because it was going down to forty for the night time temperatures and he was afraid that it would be too frosty for mom.  If I had been here, I may have laughed in his face. Today’s high was forty, and we were about ready to turn on the air conditioner. Tonight it’s going to be a grand total of thirteen degrees, so all of us will truly need the oil furnace. He laughed when I mentioned wanting the air conditioner, which is what I thought he would do. In reality, I envy the weather they have in the Winter season. When you panic over forty degree nights, or a dusting of snow, it seems different to me.  However, I was in the South to visit, during the Summer. It was ninety-five degrees, and a hurricane had gone through. There wasn’t any electricity in a lot of the towns, and my mom didn’t have electricity, so she didn’t have air conditioner. My brother had about six inches of water in his home, so along with no air conditioner, it was harshly humid. I was in utter misery and they were coping far better. I couldn’t wait to have the air conditioner turned back on, so I could be comfortable again.  I was totally distraught and wanted my air conditioner, when it was only eighty degrees in our house. I think it just depends on what you are used to in the weather.

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