Should have left the AC on

Sometimes you have to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. This is true when it comes to people who are less lucky or pets. I’m a very soft-hearted person especially concerning animals so when I see one that is in distress I can’t help but say something. I’m sure that some people are worried to speak up but these creatures don’t have way of fending for themselves in these situations. Just last week when I went to the store I got out of the car and heard a small barking noise coming from somewhere in the parking lot. The temperature in my car read 84 degrees so I knew that if a dog was in a car, it could be quite dangerous. I made my way through the parking lot until I came to the car where I saw a small Chihuahua barking in the backseat of a car. Although the front windows were cracked open, I knew he could be in trouble so that I waited by the car and called the police. A passerby offered to check the store to see if they could find the owner. When the owner returned, he was very angry towards me. I told him that all he had to do was leave his car running with the A/C on and also could have left the dog at home. He would have been safer that way. The inside of a vehicle’s temperature can climb as high as 105 degrees within seconds. This is dangerous for humans, but especially animals. You’re better off to leave them at your home in your air-conditioned place then to take them out on days where it is actually sweltering hot.

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