She wastes the cooling

After dating my girlfriend, Rachel, for about a year, we made the decision to move in together. Since we were spending nearly all of our time together, it seemed foolish to fork out rent on two separate residences. We were both living on a tight budget, and we figured we could save a lot of money by sharing both rent payments and utilities. Less than a few months after moving in with Rachel, I couldn’t wait to go back to living on my own. She really got on my nerves. Although we both agreed we wanted to save money, she constantly spent a fortune on ridiculous stuff that she didn’t even need. When this young lady bought groceries, she would go back home with gourmet ice cream, German cheese, fancy crackers, and lots of different expensive stuff. She’d totally forget to purchase toilet paper, bread and necessities. We moved in together right at the end of June, right when the weather was really starting to heat up. Because we needed to keep a close eye on the utilities, I was diligent about energy savings. I suggested we only run the air conditioner when essential. Apparently, Rachel found it necessary to run the air conditioner at maximum capacity when not a soul was at home. She’d leave for work rather than bother to make an adjustment to the thermostat. I always made sure to have the A/C turned off whenever we went to bed at night. I’d wake up in the center of the night, shivering, because Rachel had decided to turn the thermostat straight down. I couldn’t take it anymore when I caught her running the air conditioner at full blast while several windows were still open. She told me she wished to enjoy the relief of the air conditioner but additionally craved fresh air. When I had yelled at her for pretty much sending all our money flying straight out of the window, she called me a cheap and selfish individual.

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