We should service our HVAC system

The warehouse I assemble car parts in has become simply unbearable, but work in this county is sparse these days. But even still, I never would have dreamed there would come a time I might walk away, which happened once the corporate takeover of our beloved contractor occurred. Now all of us are owned by an immense conglomerate, which we were at first told would be an enjoyable thing for our town, but what has happened has been anything but that. They have fired all the older management, lowered our benefits, and even removed our access to the HVAC. Now some guy in the bottom half of the country gets to decide how cold I am everyday. My coworkers and I are inside a metal building for up to twelve hours a day, and sometimes our fingers are so cold inside our gloved hands, that I can no longer lift the merchandise. Before the new contractor stepped in, there would be a manager in the building who would set our temperature control according to how the temperatures were each day. And  then, if the sun came out or it started to get colder, he would adjust the temperature control and both of us never had a problem. Now each day is difficult. Normally both of us are so cold, production can not be really high, however people are moving slower due to the cold. All of us need access to the HVAC and a way to hot up; I have sent a memo to our corporate office down south, where they are enjoying the hot sunshine, to complain about this drastic HVAC predicament. If I get fired because I need some heat to do our work, then so be it.

HVAC installation