There are some serious issues with this heater

When you want to get your ears pierced, there are only two things you should be concerned with. The first is that the person piercing your ears is not intoxicated. That’s a big mistake! The second is that you want to make sure they are accurate. This means you need to make sure that they pierce both of your ears in roughly the same location. My daughter went to get her ears pierced the other day. She went to a small store in the local mall that sells earrings and jewelry. They offer ear piercing for free. Well, it seems you get what you pay for! The air conditioning in this shopping mall is not especially powerful. In fact, it is usually too warm in there to be comfortable. In this particular jewelry store, it was extremely hot that day. There was sweat running down my daughter’s face. The hands of the woman piercing her ears were very slick with sweat as well. My daughter asked if they could move the thermostat down a little to make the temperature cooler. The employee said that 88 degrees was as cool as their HVAC system could make the air. Then, her moist hands slipped when she pierced my daughter’s ears. Now, she has two holes in her head that are uneven! Her earrings look lopsided. I complained to the manager. He said they had requested a service technician from one of the better local HVAC companies. Unfortunately, no repairman had come to inspect their air conditioning in years. If I knew how to repair a thermostat or clean out ductwork, I would do it myself!

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