The school dance was fun

When I was growing up I didn’t really go to many school dances, I didn’t even go to either of my proms. I went to one dance when I was in middle school and it was a horrible experience and it is probably the reason I didn’t want to go to anymore. Don’ get me wrong, I thought about going to prom but I was worried it would be horrible. The one dance I did go to I didn’t even stay for more than an hour, and my parents were not very happy about it until I explained why. I had my parents buy me this really nice long sleeve dress, and then when I got to the dance I was hot. They stuck all the kids in the school into the school gym and the HVAC unit was broken. As soon as I walked into the gym I could feel the temperature difference, and I was not very thrilled about it. The more everyone else started to arrive the hotter the gym became, I can remember telling one of my friends that we shouldn’t have gone because of how hot it was that night. I had to actually walk outside in order to cool down, I was so hot I had to keep wiping sweat off my face. I really wish that they had either gotten the HVAC unit fixed before the dance or had it somewhere else. Maybe if the gym had not of been so hot I would have went to more dances while I was growing up.

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