Saving energy

Sometimes, I can be a little strange; I love a lot of things that other people tend to dislike, for example, I am a huge fan of the rain. Most people find it annoying plus uncomfortable. I suppose it is beautiful. I care about the sound of raindrops hitting the pavement, plus the reflection of lights on wet asphalt is so mesmerizing. Not to mention how refreshing it feels to be soaked by the world’s natural shower, and however, there was one instance where the rain was not such a positive thing, then a light shower turned into an insane lightning storm! A power line outside my home was hit, plus all my electronics were fried out. I even ended up losing my heating and cooling system. I truly live in a genuinely hot weather conditions where tepid plus humid nights  are genuinely common, so my air conditioner is literally my best friend, and even my oil furnace was ruined! I assume it could have been a blessing in disguise considering my control component needed to be upgraded anyways. I ended up buying a mobile control component where I can alter the temperature when I’m away anywhere! And I do admit that the up-to-date air conditioner is genuinely efficient, the lake home is cooled to whatever temp I set it to within a genuinely short amount of time. And it heats up fast as well! But the entire HVAC unit including the oil furnace, air conditioner, plus control component cost me a lot of money. As did the other items I had to upgrade because of the storm. As much as I care about the rain, I hope it does not turn into such a powerful and destructive storm again any time soon!

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