Road Trips and HVAC Nightmare

I am a road trip fanatic. I have travelled the entire United States by car over the last ten years. I even have spent some time travelling through Europe by car as well. I find it to be the best way to really see the world. You get to meet the most amazing people with the most crazy and fun life stories. I just can’t pass up such a great adventure. I normally travel alone. I find it is more exciting and I can’t stand a schedule or worry about other’s routines. This last trip my best friend asked to come along. She always wanted to travel through the desert. I thought it could be fun and agreed. Well, not a few hours of driving and I was having second thoughts. She was all about the air conditioning in the car. It had to be at a very specific temperature and if it wasn’t she was just livid. It only got worse when we stopped at our first hotel. We decided to share a room to save money, big mistake! Our room’s HVAC system was really loud, but I could feel the cold air just fine. She wouldn’t have the noise and wanted to change room. She kept going on and on about how the noise meant the air filters weren’t changed properly and the overall system was maintained properly. I thought she was nuts. We changed rooms and the second HVAC system was not up to par, as well! How can one person have such a big issue with a little heating and cooling unit, I don’t know. I told her if she ever wanted to travel with me again, she will just deal with the room and current HVAC system.