Replacing the water tank

A few months ago, my water tank ruptured and flooded my basement.  It created a huge mess, and we were without water for several days.  I suggested to my husband that we call a plumber to replace the water heater, but he insisted that he could handle it.  He bought a new water heater from the local hardware store and attempted the installation procedure.  He ended up returning to the hardware store at least three more times.  He was up and down the basement stairs, carrying tools, at least a dozen times.  I could hear him thumping around in the basement and it didn’t sound good.  I wanted to check on him, but I was busy cleaning up the dirty footprints he kept tracking through my house.  Since I had work and the kids had school the next day, I was worried that we would have no hot water in the morning.  I really didn’t want to go to work feeling dirty because I couldn’t take a shower.  I finally peeked downstairs to see how he was coming along on project.  There were tools scattered all over the basement.  The new hot water tank looked like he’d run it over with his truck.  Once again, I suggested that we contact a licensed plumber for some help.  Once again, my husband assured me he could handle it.  We did not have hot water the next morning when I put the kids on the bus and left for work.  However, when I returned from work, the new hot water tank was installed and the basement was all cleaned up.  I was sure my husband had called a plumber while I was gone.