Renting a place for a boy’s trip-no AC working

I have never done AirBnB before until just one month ago. Every year my brothers and buddies go on a boy’s trip. We leave our women at home and leave for an extended weekend. We usually pick somewhere down south, rent a huge place and go out drinking. It really is a fun time and we get pretty wild. Where we stay is the most important though. We need to be near the bars, the place should be cool and we need it to be big enough to house us all. We usually rent a large condo or stay in a swanky hotel. This year we rented a cool place through AirBnB. It was a nightmare. The place had central air conditioning like it said in the description, it just did not work. We had the illusion of a cooling system, without temperature controlled air. My buddy Steve is pretty handy so we left him with the AC device. Even Steve could not get the AC to turn on. Being down south, in the Summer with no cooling was horrible. The guys and I would go out and drink. We would party, dance and get super hot. Then we would all stagger back to the home that was over 100 degrees. It was amazing that none of us passed out or died of heatstroke. It was so hot in there that it felt unsafe. Right now my brother Dan is trying to get us a partial refund. The place was great, but we just did not get all that was promised to us.