Remembering to Replace Air Filters

I am, without question, one of the most forgetful people that I know. It is possible, of course, that I know someone who is more forgetful, but I have forgotten who it is. I am constantly forgetting where I put my keys, forgetting my phone, forgetting that my mom has a birthday coming up, forgetting to remind my siblings that we need to do something for my mom’s birthday, forgetting to buy random important things like paper towels, forgetting to take my vitamins, and hundreds of other little things. Just recently, I was staying at my fiance’s family’s house. When I was leaving, I brought all my luggage downstairs, said goodbye to everyone, and then left, with my luggage still in his grandparent’s’ living room. My forgetfulness can obviously be a detriment to my own life, and in many cases, the lives of others. An example of this is the fact that I always forget to get new air filters for my air conditioning. I have a roommate, but we determined at the beginning that I would be “in charge” of maintaining the air conditioning. We have lived together for two years, and during those two years, I have only replaced the air filters twice because I keep forgetting. Our new apartment complex even provides free air filters every month. I still forget to grab one. I only remember after my roommate finally remarks that it is getting musty in our house. I really need to start setting reminders on my smartphone to keep track of important things like this!

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