I really want geothermal heating

I just moved in to my very first home. It took me years to save for a down payment, but this year I got a huge bonus at work and it allowed me to meet my target. Now that I’ve moved in, it’s time to take on the repairs. I’ve already replaced some flooring and installed a new bathtub. Now all that is left is to paint a few rooms, do some landscaping outside, and install a brand new furnace and air conditioning system. The gas furnace currently in the home is old and definitely needs to be replaced. However, I don’t think I’ll be living here for more than 5 or 6 years so I don’t want to spend an extremely large amount of money on a new furnace. I love this house but it’s too small to be the home that I settle in. My dream is to one day have a geothermal heating system in my home. It’s supposed to be extremely energy efficient and save on energy costs in the long run. The problem is the upfront costs of installing a new geothermal system. It doesn’t make sense to do it unless you plan on living in the house for a really long time. When I finally move into my forever home, I certainly plan on getting a geothermal heating system. For now, I guess I will have to settle for a decent brand new gas furnace to replace the old one. I am having an HVAC contractor stop by today to give me a quote on a new HVAC and any other energy upgrades I may need. It may not be geothermal, but I am just happy that it’s all mine!

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