I would really like to know my home is safe

If there’s one thing that my mother has taken an interest in during her years as an empty nester, it’s conspiracy theories. She is suddenly highly political and gets on these kicks where she’ll only talk about things like Monsanto and honey bee eradication. I understand that she’s passionate and cares about our world, but I can’t understand the appeal of getting herself all riled up about things she can’t change. Anyways, as you may have guessed, her most recent target is the process of fracking. See, not only does fracking ruin entire ecosystems and potentially affect our geological stability, but apparently it also has the ability to release deposits of Radon gas into the environment. This can’t be taken lightly because Radon gas exposure is highly dangerous over time due to its radioactivity. The particle is released naturally during the decay of the highly radioactive element, Uranium, which is regularly contained in the ground beneath our feet. Depending on the geological makeup of the area, concentrations of Uranium and therefore Radon gas vary widely. Normally home and business owners need to be concerned about the ground immediately below them, as Radon gas has a relatively short half life and cannot travel very far expanses. However, when the process of fracking drills deep into the earth’s crust, suddenly these radioactive elements can be released into the air in high volumes. While the Radon gas was previously safely contained underground, now it is contaminating poverty stricken towns in rural areas… and my mom cannot stop making social media posts about it.

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