Radiant Flooring in Rental

I move a lot. I don’t mind it. I actually love the adventure of new locations and neighborhoods. I think it gives you a real chance to explore a city and meet amazing people along the way. Some rentals are better than others, however. I have scored some great houses and apartments over time that are kept up very well by their owners and have really attentive landlords. These far make for great rental experiences. Then there are those who have ancient boiler systems that give off random heat at the worst possible times. They have non-existent air conditioners and won’t allow you to use any kind of air conditioning portable sources. These have to be the worst. While our city isn’t terrible with its four seasons, the winters definitely warrant a heater. And, while we don’t have regular hot summers like some, the heatwaves have been known to last over a month with climate change. No air conditioning system at these times can have you appreciating the better rentals over time. Well, with this last rental I moved into, I knew nothing about. I was taking over a rental contract from a friend as a favor. The entire exchange went very fast. It turned out to be a beautiful apartment with all hardwood floors. I saw a thermostat on the wall, so I assumed it had heating and cooling. As the temperature dropped, I went to turn on the heat and felt the most wonderful warm sensation coming from the floors. Apparently, it was Radiant Floor Heat. I had heard about this type of heating, but experiencing it was a completely different gift. It was heaven. I felt like I lived in a sauna. And when my bill came, it wasn’t even that bad! I was spoiled with this heating!

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