Preparing the furnace

I usually enjoy the Winter season. I live in an area that typically gets  a few inches of snow. However it has been unusually cold this year. I have heard that even worse weather is on the way.  We are expecting temperatures below zero and several feet of snow. It is supposed to remain cold and snowy for several weeks.  I am dreading the  cold. I am planning to make sure that I change the air filter in the furnace every month.  I don’t want anything to go wrong and get stuck without heat. I already had a licensed HVAC contractor tune up the heating system in the fall. I schedule HVAC maintenance prior to the winter to be sure the furnace is operating at its best.  The HVAC contractor cleans the inner workings, lubricates moving parts, tightens electrical connections, checks the functionality of the thermostat, verifies the condition of the heat exchangers, and ensures that everything is operating safely.  Because of this service, I save money on my energy bills and avoid safety risks.  My home is warmer, more comfortable, cleaner and healthier.  I hope to avoid sudden malfunction and premature system failure.  My furnace, however, is fairly old and I am bit worried about the heavier workload.  I certainly don’t want to be attempting to replace the furnace in the middle of a winter blizzard.  I have done everything I can to prepare the furnace for the sudden dip in outdoor temperature and now I’m crossing my fingers and hope it makes it until the spring.

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