Pregnancy Arctic Classes

I was so excited to finally become pregnant last Spring. My husband and I had been trying for a really long time. We thought it was never going to happen. We wanted to be sure and do everything right. We signed up for all of the appointments right away. We were very diligent when it came the foods I ate and what I drank. We were monitoring everything that we could. So, when it came time for the birthing classes, we were all on board. The classes were in the evening. Early Spring had just arrived and the weather was unseasonably warm, already. You can imagine with that many pregnant women in one room, we had to have the air conditioning on. It was a fight who could get closer to the air vents. I was severely hot all the time in my pregnancy and lived for air conditioning. We complained to the teacher that it wasn’t cold enough, so she turned the thermostat just a bit. The second she did, we all heard a huge blast and then a loud noise. The air coming out of the air vents was so cold, it felt like the arctic! She tried to turn the thermostat off, but nothing was working. All of the partners were freezing cold, while the pregnant women were in air conditioning bliss. It was the funniest thing you ever did see! She stopped the birthing class to call the HVAC technician. She told him it was an emergency and needed to come right away. The women told her it was ok to just continue on, while the men shivered bravely by their sides.

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