Portable heater in the Winter


          My partner and I hate the cold and we are not afraid to say so. I wish those particular months would simply go away or come to be replaced by something more bearable. My friends think I am weird because I sometimes choose rain over sunshine, but have you considered them? How can any reasonable person choose uncomfortable, freezing weather which regularly compels you to stay indoors all day, to beautiful spring or summer weather? I just don’t understand!

           The winter before was so cold that I spent 95% of it in my house. I resigned my job because I would never endanger my life by driving on black ice to get at my workplace. I had the heater on constantly and our utility bill was much higher than normal, so it’s a good thing my partner makes good money. He complained about the bill but I told him it had to be so. Our home was so cold that even when I turned the thermostat up high, I still had to wear a coat. He visited a nearby hardware store to get a portable heater which would fight the cold and use a smaller amount current. In short, it did not make up for our central heating system.

          It was good that we had had our HVAC unit well tuned up before the winter  set in. Our technician is very detailed when he does a check on our system, so we knew we were prepared to face the cold. Probably, we would have died in the cold if that furnace had not been supplying us with the heat we needed.

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