Portable Electric Heater for Home Office

I work from home. On most days, I love working from home. It offers me a great deal of freedom. I am a single mom in a mountain town. So, when it snows and school is inevitably cancelled, I needed to be home. I used to have to call in sick to work. But now, I make my own hours. And if I get too caught up in hanging out with my kids, I can always make up the hours at night when they are asleep. The only issue I have is the heating unit. I don’t like to heat the entire house when I am the only one home. Not only is it an utter waste of energy and money, but I can’t afford it! So to combat this problem, I decided to invest in a portable electric heater. My desk is set up in my bedroom. This allows me to close the door and save on heat. When I turn on the portable heater for just thirty minutes with the door closed, it is heaven. I am amazed how such a little heater can so efficiently heat up the room. The heat even holds quite nice for quite awhile. I was sure that when I got my monthly utility bill, I would see the extra costs reflected. But it didn’t go up at all! In fact, the heating bill went down. It turns out that I really was saving so much money on heating by not turning on the HVAC unit for the entire house when no one was home. I was very proud of my money save. Every penny counts as a single parent.

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