Portable a/c unit

For Mother’s Day a couple of years back, our oldest child gave me a portable a/c.  I was doubtful that I would ever really use it.  In the section where I live, the Winter season is the priority.  All of us have absolutely long periods of temperatures below cold with endless amounts of ice and snow.  I usually run the oil furnace for approximately eight weeks of the year and never saw any need for any type of a/c.  The summers are short, and I had consistently managed by opening up the windows and setting out a bunch of box fans.  My child installed the portable a/c into our front living room window and had it up and running within a couple of minutes.  I was quite surprised how easy it was to install and to operate.  It took less than twenty minutes for the a/c to cool down our living room.  After running the a/c for 1 whole night, I knew I’d never want to go through another Summer without having it.   My living room is now perfectly comfortable on all of those tepid and humid days.  I can keep all our windows closed, which prevents the influx of bugs, exhaust fumes, and dust and pollen, so the room is cleaner.  Plus, the a/c filters the air, improving the indoor air quality.  Although the a/c runs quietly, it makes just enough noise to drown out the exterior sounds, such as traffic, cats and chirping parakeets.  I easily sleep a great deal better now.  I actually have trouble getting myself out of bed in the day, because I’m so perfectly comfortable there.  I love that the a/c features a cordless remote control which allows me to make all my adjustments without getting out of bed.  I can raise or lower the temperature, adjust the fan speed, or even set up an automatic program.  

portable a/c