Poor heating in sister’s apartment.

I have always been close with my two sisters. We had a pretty difficult childhood and sometimes I think that the only way we made it through was by supporting and loving each other. I am grateful for my sisters and am so happy that all these years later we are still best friends. One of my sisters I am able to see a few times a year because she lives just a few hours away from me. We get together whenever we have time off and can squeeze in a visit. My other sister, though, lives all the way across the country. She flies home sometimes, but not often. Since she moved to such a different location, I decided that I needed to go and visit her for myself. A few years ago, I flew out there to visit her and her husband. It was freezing. When I left the southeast, it was eighty degrees. When I got to the northwest, I was shocked by the biting temperatures that met me when I arrived. I borrowed so many pairs of my sister’s socks while there. The worst part was that I was really sick. The sickness hit me the day before my plane flew out and I was not going to let it ruin my trip to see my sister. They turned the heat on in their apartment, but their furnace was fickle, so the heat turned off and on whenever it felt like it. I spent most of the trip miserable because I was shivering and cold and there was no good heat coming from the furnace to keep me warm. Temperature-wise it was horrible. Nevertheless, I made the most of it and enjoyed spending time with my sister despite my sickness and the lack of heat.

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