I had this place for a long time

There is nothing I remember with more fondness, than growing up out in the country with miles of fields to play. I can remember that house, as if it were yesterday.  With the old oak tree that sat outside of our family room window, I would daydream for hours sometimes. There was unusual colored variety of plants and flower mixes throughout the year! No matter what time of the year or season, there was consistently some type of amazing beauty to be found in a tree. But, when I was ten, our parents moved us to the city for more opportunities. My mother had a work with a sizable law firm that she couldn’t pass up, which also allowed her to be closer to the courthouse. I liked living in the city for all that it was worth, and I’ve been here ever since that time. Occasionally during the year after a big deadline, however, I like to go to the country plus stay for a few afternoons to debrief. I like being away from the city, because I can take in all of the fresh air. Most homes out in the country don’t have any type of modern central a/c plan at all to work with. I like to open the windows since you can’t do that much in the city with all the exhaust. So, not having the a/c is not a big deal to me at all. It’s cooler during the summertime, too, so I don’t need to use the a/c at all much. With the windows wide open from morning to night, the whole cottage senss like trees and hay. That is my favorite aroma of all time because it reminds me of growing up in the country with my parents who are not gone. It’s consistently nice to come back to the city, too, because I miss being home and the hustle, bustle and amazing restaurants to eat. I consistently miss having the a/c running at night.  It’s difficult to sleep with the windows open, because there are so many random noises and creatures in the woods that stay awake at night. It’s even harder to sleep with them closed too, because there is no breeze at all and it gets really stuffy. It’s a delicate balance between safety and comfort. At home, I don’t have to worry about our central Heating plus Air Conditioning system for it is a city atmosphere. It consistently keeps myself and others comfortable, no matter what the outdoor weather is like for me.

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