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I’m sure people who prefer the cold weather over summer are rare indeed.  I prefer the cold nine times out of ten. Sure, the summer offers the cookouts, endless time spent at the beach and days by the pool, but I’d trade all that for a cozy night watching a good movie with my wife while drinking hot chocolate. Some of my most favorite family memories have been made on nights wrapped in a warm blanket while snow piled up to the window outside. It almost feels like everything will pause in those moments. When the weather chooses to stop all the plans you have possibly made, all you can do is dress yourself in your warmest socks and simply wait it out. And if you do have some sort of functioning fireplace, I highly recommend that you light it, or at least utilize whatever form of heating that you do have available to you. What makes all of those cold winter mornings so amazing is the point that we could all be together within a space warmed just for our family. We let our furnace and heating system run all night and most of the day assuming that it means we’ll never have to see our breath indoors. I’ll be the first to admit the winter is a total pain in the neck usually, but if you can manage to keep your home nice and toasty with a good heating system then there’s no reason you can’t be a winter person just like me either.

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