Pets and Air Filters

Are you considering getting a new pet? Do you live in an environment that demands heating and air conditioning? I am here to tell you that these two things do not go together, and don’t let anyone tell you any differently! I love my animals more than anything on earth. But, after my summer ultimate HVAC disaster, I am starting to rethink that love. I have been using the air conditioner, way more than I usually do this season. The heat has been unbearable, and I have had no choice, but to resort to the air conditioner daily. My utility bill has skyrocketed this past month. I just can’t stand being overheated. Well, I have always been pretty good about HVAC maintenance, when it was just me. But, lately, I have been working full time and just too busy with my new dog. I haven’t been thinking straight. I never thought a dog could so much damage to my HVAC! My air conditioner was running, as usual, one Sunday afternoon. We were in the middle of, yet, another heatwave. Just like that, I heard a huge bang. My HVAC unit was making screeching noises I never heard before. Then, smoke started to filter out of the air vents. I knew this was not good. I called the emergency line for my HVAC and a technician came right out. Their go to is to check the air vents and air filters. When he pulled out the first air filter, I nearly died of embarrassment! It was covered in dog hair! My dog ran under the bed, he knew he was the culprit. I just didn’t think one animal could do so much damage!

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