Pet hair damaging the HVAC unit

As long as I can ponder back, I’ve highly loved the critters in my life. I rely on pets to keep myself and others peaceful and feeling as though I have someone who depends on myself and others to watch out for them. As such, I have a tendency to get needy critters when they are given to me, and there have been moments that my abundant pets have gotten out of control, however at one time I managed to acquire 4 large cats and 6 cats, along with a few smaller pets seated around the house. Everything was perfect until I noticed how much hair was building up on all the floors, couch, and our chairs. I bought a vacuum and the device faded, but soon a new one emerged. My Heating and Air Conditioning system seemed prefer it was losing power over the course of a few months. I phoned in a good heating and cooling business where I had set up a routine service package months ago, but the business was too scared of my critters to come into the house at all this time. The guy moved away and when I called the main office they said they were unable to assist myself and others until I removed the critters from the premises. I knew that wasn’t going to happen, so I was stuck setting the thermostat at super high settings to combat the lack of electrical energy. Then one day I saw that the hair was floating through the air and then clogging up my air vents, causing my issues.

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