Patio heat pump

I bought a home down south early last spring that has a gorgeous lanai. The patio is technically indoors, but you go through a door to get to the lanai as it is completely sealed inside with glass windows. The lanai is super cool looking, plus I am planning on turning it into a workout room eventually. It is literally perfect. The length, width plus height are just right to hold three gymnastic mats if need be. I prefer tumbling plus that is what I do for exercise before anything else. I could do our tricks while seeing the neat outdoors. The only major concern is that the windows are not great for holding temperature control. In the summer, the sun through the windows will be so intense, and also the freezing cold. So, the cold temperatures will seep into the windows plus make the workout area seem colder for us. So I have been thinking about installing a heating and cooling plan just for the lanai area. I know I am going to get a ductless heat pump system as well. The heat pump is both heating plus cooling, while it will solely run with heat energy. And down south it does not get too cold, the heat pump can use the heat energy in the outside air no matter what the season, incredibly. This method of heating plus a/c saves myself and others mounds of money. Also the heat pump is small plus can be mounted on a wall in our workout room if needed, and no ductwork is needed so the room loses no space, thankfully. I can even get a smart control device for the unit so I can run it from our iphone. This will be so nice once everything is installed plus all set up right to go.

geo heat pump