On again, off again, snow

I am so tired of snow.  I never thought I would say that, but I am.  This year has been nothing but nuisance snow.  It snowed five or six inches, and rained two days later.  Three days later it snowed another five or six inches, and then it rained…well, you get the point.  The groundhog saw his shadow a couple of days ago, which according to tradition, means we have six more weeks of winter.  It doesn’t matter what he says, there is always going to be six more weeks of winter, according to the calendar. But, I am ready for some early spring weather.  I want to be able to open up my windows, and turn off the furnace. It would be nice to have a couple of months where I don’t have to listen to the boiler as the water roils through the pipe.  I won’t be hearing the furnace as it grumbles while heating the water in the boiler. I’m tired of having the humidifier going all day and night, so my hair doesn’t stand on end and my skin isn’t like the skin of an alligator.  Mostly, I am just plain old tired of the cold and the drone of the heating system. I want to be able to turn off the thermostat, knowing that the next time I touch it, will be feel the air conditioning turning on, and sending cool air throughout my house.  Only two more months, and my dream will come true. Right now, I can hear the furnace turning on, which is a good thing, because I can see snow flurries in the air. They are calling for another six inches of snow today.

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