Office space is lacking in HVAC

I am the kind of person who enjoys being busy. Whenever I am out to dinner with my besties and we all discuss work, they can never wait until things slow down for them. They like to online shop and scroll through Facebook with their free time at work. I don’t understand that mentality. If I am slow at work, I get weighed down, and the time goes by so incredibly slow. I feel as though I need to get up and run a mile just to relieve the feeling. Lately, things have been pretty slow at the office. Finally, the other day I had a new project to work on. I was thankful to have something to do. I finally had the final touches to complete the first portion of the project, and everything went dark. The power shutdown, my computer went blank, and the loud thud would have had to have been the heating, ventilation and A/C system shutting off… Not only did I lose my momentum on a project that I was finally excited about, but it was now going to be all cold and frosty in the office while my not so technologically advanced bosses try to figure out what went wrong. I really wish they would have just called the heating, ventilation and A/C corporation and had someone come out when it happened. We stood around doing nothing for more than an hour. So much for getting excited about being busy! At least I now know to keep a little heater in my office from now on in case this unfortunate event occurs again.

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