Office HVAC is abused

When a management position opened up in my firm, I decided to throw my hat into the ring. I had been with the corporation for several years, and I knew I could truly make a difference in the position. The position was in the parks and recreation department, and I was one of a few people who actually had children. When the day came for my interview, I was distraught and perspiring profusely. I thought I was well prepared for the interview, although I seemed to collapse under pressure. I was perspiring through my blazer, when the president stood up and gave me the position. I was shocked and surprised, which was something new to me. My office is located on the seventh floor of our bank building! Now that I am a member of management, I qualify for some amazing perks. I have a corporation car, expense account, and a well-stocked refrigerator. What may be my favorite perk is my new office’s personal Heating and Air Conditioning system. Each office is equipped with a thermostat, so each executive can control the temperature in his or her office. The Heating and Air Conditioning component in my office works undoubtedly well. I have the Heating and Air Conditioning component set to the air conditioning right now, as the town is in the middle of the summertime weather. The uneven temperatures outside are near eighty or ninety degrees. My office is a perfectly cool and moderate 72 degrees, thanks to the good Heating and Air Conditioning unit. I’m going to like working in this office, and I hope that I can make a substantial difference in the parks and recreation department.

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