We are now storing clothes

I know that I am not the only women that has way more clothes than I actually need, my kids to as well actually. I have learned that there is a certain temperature that clothes need to be kept nicest as possible, otherwise they tend to fade. I live in an older house and the HVAC system broke a few months ago, in the middle of the summer. I didn’t have the money to replace it so I have had to deal the best I can without having having a working AC. I am worried about all of mine and my kids clothes though, they have already started to fade from the heat. I wish I understood why it is that heat makes the colors fade faster, but I don’t. I had a repairman come out and he said that I would have to replace both of my HVAC units at the same time, which I didn’t have the money for. I needed a few thousand dollars, not for the unit but more for the insulation. I only had about two hundred in my savings when the HVAC unit broke. I have been saving every extra dollar that I have because I want to get the unit replaced as soon as possible. I don’t want to have to buy new clothes because they are all faded. I am hoping to have the HVAC unit replaced in a few months time, hopefully before the year if over if things go as planned. I will be so happy when I get the HVAC unit replaced, it will mean no more faded clothes.

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