Now I don’t have good heating

I was very accustomed to living with my parents and additionally sponging off them regularly. All through college I lived with my dad and mom. I got free rent, meals and laundry. I worked, but I did not have to work hard and had very few hours. Living at home is certainly the sweet life. I literally have no responsibilities and I was carefree. The best was that I was not conducting any home upkeep. No dishes, cleaning or HVAC repairs fell to me. Every year the heating system probably would not turn on. I did not really touch the heater. I simply called dad and he messed with the machine. My dad cleaned out the furnace filters, oiled the piece of equipment and added lubrication. He never needed an HVAC business since he was so good at heating maintenance. Then we’d have a running heating system the complete winter. If I was frosty, on came the heater.  If I wanted more heating, I would simply raise the thermostat. I never worried about a power bill or wasting the heat. I just had heating and used it when I wanted it. Now that I live on my own, I realize how spoiled My business is. I have to do all the home upkeep and the heater repairs fall to us. I don’t even have an awesome heating system. I have just one super small electric heater. Sometimes it won’t switch on and I just don’t get any heating. I can’t do the heater maintenance since I don’t know what to do. Also I can’t afford to contact an HVAC contractor. So I just suffer. Also when it is too cold, I just dress myself in another layer of clothing.

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