Nothing wrong with the HVAC system

A few years ago my aunt’s home was struck by a tornado.  This is nothing unusual for her, she did move into a section of the state that is prone to tornadoes.  Since she moved there her property has gotten hit by tornadoes on at least five occasions, luckily she has a great homeowner’s insurance policy.  The most recent tornado that hit her home was definitely the worst of all. Her whole house was demolished, after all was said and done, her home was just a pile of sticks on the ground.  Amazingly enough the one thing that came through the tornado unharmed was her Heating and A/C system. I’m not sure how this happened, however, her whole Heating, Ventilation and A/C unit was unharmed.  The HVAC ductwork was trashed, of course, however, the actual unit was fine! When my aunt rebuilt the home she had 3 Heating and A/C companies come out just to inspect her unit. She wanted to ensure that it was still safe to use, and all three companies were in agreement that there wasn’t anything wrong with her HVAC unit, so when it came time to have the ductwork installed into her current home she used the same HVAC provider.  She thinks of her Heating and A/C equipment as a lucky charm now. She feels that as long as she has that HVAC unit, no harm will come to her current home. I think this seems a little wacky even although, I am actually starting to believe her. Ever since she had her home rebuilt she’s only suffered minor damage from tornadoes.

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