Did not want exposed ductwork

I was proofreading a script last week that I found highly amusing, for all of the wrong reasons. The play was written by a fledgling author who had not done any research before starting his script. I was only supposed to be checking the spelling and grammar, but I wished I could supply feedback on the story itself. One of the main issues with the storyline was that much of the plot centered on a group of assassins targeting a teenager in his home. The concepts were all wrong on many levels. The script had so many plot holes! The writer had the assassins entering the home, which was in a trailer park, through the ductwork, but when I read that part, I burst out laughing. Obviously, this writer had no clue how HVAC in mobile homes work. I live in a mobile home, there is no way to access the home this way because no one could fit into that tiny, flimsy ductwork. Additionally, the ductwork in a my home runs underneath the unit so and is only connected to floor vents. In the script, the writer stated that the ductwork was in the attic which doesn’t even exist in mobile homes. I could just not imagine assassins digging under the skirting and then hacking into that ductwork. Overall, I would describe the play as lazy. If a writer cannot even research something like the HVAC system for the setting of the play there is a real issue. Many people don’t that the time to pay attention to details when writing and that will tank a project from the beginning.  I hope that the future directors and producers catch the HVAC inconsistencies before the play is published!

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