Not running the heater as much

Having a real Christmas tree is important to me.  I like the tradition of driving to a tree farm, trekking through the snow and cutting down the perfect tree.  We then hoist the tree onto the roof of the car, strap it down and drive home.  We drag the tree into the house, set it up and add the decorations.  I then need to make sure I water the tree faithfully.  In the winter, I run the gas furnace on full blast just about non stop.  This creates very dry air.  I should have a humidifier installed in my home to protect moisture levels but I don’t.  I keep planning to buy a humidifier, but I hate to spend the money.  I realize that by regulating indoor moisture levels I could save money and actually pay for the humidifier.  Properly moisturized air feels warmer, and would allow me to lower the thermostat a bit.  Lower thermostat settings reduce energy usage and wear and tear on the furnace.  I’d pay lower utility bills every month and face fewer heating repairs.  Plus, the furnace would probably last longer.  I’d avoid issues with dry skin, chapped lips and frizzy hair.  My wood furnishings wouldn’t dry out and split.  My family wouldn’t be as susceptible to infection or suffer from sore throat, itchy eyes, static cling, static shock or headaches.  Instead, we just live with the overly dry air and keep the furnace blasting out heat.  The Christmas tree usually dries out very quickly and drops all of its needles on the rug.  I often wreck my vacuum cleaner sucking up all of those needles.  And, the needles hurt when we step on them.   

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