Did not need heating in the winter

I appeared in the midwest, grew up inside midwest, and began my adulthood inside midwest. It’s not to say we were fond of the weather and terrain, so much when I lived there based on knowledge. Truthfully, the climate there was awful and left very much to be desired. The spring was short and muddy, the summers were hot and wet, and the falls were alarming and fleeting; the winters, still, were the worst part of it all. I cannot tell you the amount we relied on our central heating to survive on a daily basis. It was nearly impossible not to arrive home and immediately see an air vent to stand at to thaw basking in the slow emission of heated air. The furnace was running constantly, and it was often placed on full power to combat particularly cold winter air. That’s why I’m so excited to remain living in the south this coming year for a totally new winter season experience. I’ve heard that the environment temperature will not get lower than freezing, and I don’t have to worry about snow or the rocks. The house won’t be freezing cold inside on a daily basis, and I won’t need to run our furnace 24/7. I also won’t supplement the central heating with space heaters or the fire pit. I’m really excited about those savings that I can look ahead to when my energy bill arrives each month, not to mention the overall increase in total well being when I don’t have to be worried about literally freezing to death out-of-doors!

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