Not a HVAC professional in the slightest

I don’t know how people can risk trying to repair everything within their HVAC system themselves. I only risk changing our the air filters and scrubbing down the different components when they look dusty. With anything else, I would never consider trying that kind of stuff on my own. I feel know shame contacting an HVAC company and asking them to send out a professional when I have a problem that I cannot solve. I realized for a fact that I don’t have a bit of knowledge when it comes to Heating as well as A/C repairs. Why would I risk it when there are people who went to college for repairing HVAC equipment. I remember seeing my father attempt to repair his own Heating as well as A/C equipment when I was just a teenager. There was one time that he completely destroyed the entire system. He had parts of the Heating as well as A/C equipment all over the floor as well as he swore that he could fix it in just a few minutes. He was used to fixing things like toasters and ovens, and he figured it would pretty much be the same thing. Well, when he eventually gave up as well as notified an Heating as well as A/C company, the Heating as well as A/C serviceman was irate with the large mess he made. The price was so high that we had to cancel the vacation that we had been saving up for. The Heating as well as A/C serviceman said that if my father didn’t attempt to fix it himself, it would have been definitely cheaper to fix. However, they didn’t have to purchase a whole new HVAC system. So, I consistently went with the professionals.

HVAC technician