NO heating in the gym

The far north of the countryside is where I grew up, which was beautiful in its own right, however many summers were spent out in the wilderness with family or friends, reconnecting with each other. In the Spring and Fall we had warm mornings by a cool lake with calm strolls in the town park to watch the tree leaves change with the season, it was purely a beautiful thing living where I lived – except for the Winter, and oh boy, the Wintertime was never pretty at all. I envy those from the south who never experienced a Winter up here. The cold is way too chilly, which brings to mind one year in particular, when the entire month of February we all went to a school with no heating while snow-storms attacked the town I called home. A lot of businesses, schools and homes in the neighborhood lost power for weeks on end. Still, our parents sent us off to school every day, where I stayed bundled up to try and fight the cold. That was, until gym class in the morning. Our coach had no sympathy for us at all, he was a real jerk. Not only did he force us to change into gym clothes for the duration of gym class, but he also made us run around outside in that freezing weather. I hated every minute of it, because the gym was so open as it was, making the building freezing and chilly! My only hope was breaking a sweat to warm up, but then the sweat would turn cold and make us all sick, and people say your high school and teenage years are the best, but ill tell you, I’d never go back – not for a two million bucks. They couldn’t even try to force power for the HVAC system!

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