no a/c units

Once a year while I was be raised with my parents, they would send myself and others off to Summer camp for a bit to “be around the outdoors” as they would say it… What an awful time! There was nothing about it that I sort of remotely liked. I can’t understand the outdoors & easily hate anything that you would do with this event. The bugs were terrible & the window screens all had little tears in them so you would wake up randomly within the evening with a single of those bugs feasting on your arm, leg, or mouth! It was also super tepid & there was no sort of relief from it! During the daytime if the insects didn’t keep you awake then the intense heat would. There wasn’t an a/c to be found anywhere rather than in the camp counselor’s cabin. They had several window mounted A/C units to keep them nice & cool while the people I was with and I baked in the intense, humid, heat! One of the friends I was there with would complain about it more than most. Apparently his father was an Heating & Air Conditioning specialist & he would go on & on about how horrible it was for us to suffer separate from a/c. I thought it was pretty odd because the people would literally walk away from the kid every time he went on about his Heating & Air Conditioning father, however then at night I would be cursing their names under our breath.

a/c installation