No a/c after storm

We just had an unquestionably strong hurricane pass through the area, and we were fortunate enough to not have any major flooding or destruction to structures and buildings in my small town. Sadly though, numerous people still died from the hurricane. It honestly had nothing to do with the actual winds, or rain, or tornadoes at all though; all of the fatalities were a result of the electricity being down for numerous days. At least 12 elderly patients in a nearby living community died, but the deaths are because of the loss of the living community’s a/c unit while the power was down. The living community had a prolonged power failure to a transformer that powered the facility’s a/c unit because of the hurricane. Temperatures were absolutely sizzling the following day – at least 90 degrees, and the heat index was closer to 105 degrees! Many of the residents were sick enough already and couldn’t survive the dire heat without a cooling unit. They all died tragically of respiratory distress or dehydration. It is so heartbreaking. I would have assumed the living community would think about what to do in emergency situations enjoy this, but somehow they let these residents die. I heard they are now under a criminal investigation from the incident. It is so unsettling that they underestimated the need for a/c systems for the elderly. Living in the south, I know for sure I would never be able to survive without any sort of cooling system in the middle of the scorching hot season, and I’m only 25 years old and in fantastic health. My heart hurts for their families!

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