No AC at the market

My father always tried to convince myself and others to come with him to the local flea market. The only bad thing about the flea market is that walking through it is not always convenient. If the weather is extreme it can affect your experience as the flea market has no HVAC units. The lack of air conditioner is always a problem to me. I do not understand how these people can be in here all day working or shopping. I think over time they have grown accustom to this issue and they do not bother to complain. One booth vendor had told me in the past that they do not want to install a HVAC unit because it would be expensive and thus creating higher prices for people to rent booths and sell their merchandise. I figured that if the flea market had air conditioner it would make way more profit as consumers want to be comfortable while they spend their money. I think eventually when the time is right they may try to resolve this issue but it just has been the same for so long I am not sure if anyone would be truly interested in it. At the end of bickering to our father he finally convinced me to go out there with him as they have many exotic items that I cannot find elsewhere. I endured the excruciating heat but I would not let him walk around and look at everything, as it was so tepid in there I began to get a headache. I told him to grab only what she needed and then told him we had to leave. I tell him that it would be better for us to return when the weather is on the cooler side.

A/C system