I have no a/c access now

My guy as well as I are in awful need of an up-to-date window air conditioning device. Our mobile home is legitimately hot all of the time, as well as both of us use the window air conditioning device frequently. The window air conditioning device has been making scary sounds for the past week, as well as it has not been cooling legitimately well. My guy as well as I were planning on purchasing an up-to-date window air conditioning device this week, but yesterday, my guy came home from his place of work as well as announced that he had been laid off. I am not exactly sure what we are going to do about our air conditioning device as of now. It will be legitimately tough for us to spend money on the bills with only a single income. My guy is entirely tied up looking for a new place of employment, but it will be several weeks until he can see another paycheck. I do not believe that our air conditioning device is going to last another week, so we are really weighing our options. My mom proposed to loan us the currency for another window air conditioning device. I did not want to take my mom up on this offer however, because that would mean having something weighing over my head. My mom would not use it against me, but I do not like to owe anyone anything. If the weather continues to get warmer, we will certainly have to do something about the air conditioning device. It will be extremely difficult to sleep without the aide of a cooling device, but for now, both of us are going to concentrate on finding a new workplace for my guy.