New oils and smells with a/c

How one of my best friends and I came together is a funny story. About eleven years ago, she was introduced to me by my boyfriend. We were dating brothers. Life happened, and we all went our separate ways, including her and I. A few years later, I ran into her at a neighborhood restaurant. She was bartending, and I was there with friends… We got back in touch a bit, however we faded once again. Last year, my new guy and I were driving by the bar, and he mentioned that his cousin worked there! I told him that I wondered if he knew my buddy Aly, and he looked at me with a crazy expression. Aly was his cousin! What a small world! So we went in to visit her and caught up on all things new. I mentioned that I felt a flu coming on, and she asked me all about it. I told her that Dave keeps the temperature controls really low at night, and I’m constantly cold. Our heating and A/C unit is pretty old, and he doesn’t like to work it too hard. So instead of having a heating and A/C corporation come by for a check-up, he gives me multiple blankets and a space heater when I get too cold. It has been getting colder outside the past few months, so this level of heat just isn’t working for me. She then told me that she is an independent distributor for an essential oils dealer, and they have multiple oils that help with colds, flus and congestion such as tea tree, peppermint, and eucalyptus. I have been trying to be more holistic recently than I have in the past, so I thought I would get into it. So now, not only is she a friend from years ago, she’s one of my best friends now, my guy’s cousin, plus my essential oils consultant! Dave is glad because he thinks it means he can always keep the heating down low. We will still be having a chat about that.

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