New Job as an HVAC Tech


I start a new job next week; I am training to become an HVAC technician.  I will be starting out as a helper to a certified heating and cooling professional. I am a bit nervous as I have no previous experience other than using tools around the house and changing the air filter on my air conditioning unit at home.


Some friends who are already AC techs told me that I would be doing a lot of fetching for the senior technician: getting tools, cleaning coils, changing air filters, vacuuming out clogged drain lines; basically, doing things that don’t take a lot of know-how but that are still relevant to the job.


The senior technician I will be working with has worked in the industry for over twenty years. He is one of the best. He told me just to relax and prepare to be run ragged. He said that there were no stupid questions and that he expected me to think on my feet and not stand idle.


He mentioned that we both would also be assisting with new installs on furnaces, multi-split air conditioning systems and standard central AC units. I’m excited to learn all I can about different equipment installs and maintenance.


I’m very fortunate to be able to start a career in an industry as fast-growing and innovative as the HVAC technology sector. With new wifi thermostats, climate control systems, and ductless mini split air conditioners, I am going to be constantly learning new skills to keep up with technology. I couldn’t be more excited to be part of a such an evolving industry.

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