A new HVAC unit would be awesome

A number of people would probably call me a little obsessive compulsive. I like to think that I am just a perfectionist. Order is nicer than chaos and when things are working perfectly everybody is happy. So yes, in the event the lenses in my glasses receive a small scratch, I buy a brand-new pair. When one side of my toaster gets hotter versus the other side and one piece is burnt while the other is actually underdone, I buy a brand-new toaster. I have the same strategy with my guitars too. If there’s the slightest little bit of buzz, it either gets repaired or replaced. Recently I noticed a static buzz coming from my amplifier, it would become much louder the closer I was to my thermostat. So as a result, I knew it wasn’t my guitar or amp that had been defective. I was ready to acquire a new HVAC system. I can’t figure out the static buzz. I used the phone and called my community HVAC supplier. The man on the opposite end recommended having an HVAC repair company come examine first before replacing the complete system outright. He referred me to some HVAC people that do repairs and they were over within a few hours to check out my system. I laid my guitar by the thermostat so when they arrived I could demonstrate to them what exactly was going on. Sure, there was no real functional issue with the air conditioning or furnace that we were aware of, but the buzz interference was definitely brought on by the thermostat. It turned out that it had been just a poor connection coming from my home’s electrical wiring.

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