Needing a new air filter

While cleaning my house yesterday, I noticed that there was a lot more dust than usual. I had just dusted last week, and now everything was covered in dust again. Some areas of the house did not seem too bad, but others were absolutely filthy! At first, I could not figure out why, but then I realized that I probably needed to change my air filters. All of the surfaces that were extremely dusty were those situated under an air vent! Once I made that connection, it seemed very simple. I was not planning on going out yesterday, so I just asked my husband when he got home from work if he were aware that we were in need of new air filters. He insisted that the air filters were almost new! He said that the ones he had put in back in May were supposed to last for at least a quarter of a year, and they should be fine. I reminded him, very sweetly, of course, that it was now October. I also mentioned that my allergies had been acting up, which was another sign that the air filters were dirty and in need of replacement. My husband dug around in the garage and found the other air filters he had bought, then replaced the old ones. Sure enough, the old air filters were filthy! Even though the new air filters have only been in for a few hours, I already can tell a difference. The air quality seems so much more fresh and clean, and my allergies have been much better. I am so glad that we replaced our air filters!

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