Needing good air filters in lab

A neighborhood marine biologist has created some sort of prototype for his underwater lab to behave as a model for under the sea condos. According to the prototype and the models, the condos will have every one of the luxuries of land dwelling, simply underwater. They will have hydro driven electricity, hydro powered HVAC, and the ability to move through the ocean to be a submarine. The mobility feature will get rid of the need for its residents to possess automobiles. They can simply detach and motor the condo across the coast to any port or hook up to another underwater condo building. When there, they can recharge the cells for the HVAC and electricity but while moving in the water, the power cells charge through the water movement via hydro-electricity. The sole challenges are converting the ocean water to clean water for the HVAC system use. Each unit will have an onboard or in-house filter to make this possible. If the electricity fails, however, there is no option way of opening a window to cool off like there would be on land. There is, however, a roof hatch that acts as a front door of sorts when the condo pod is docked. This will provide cool air in when you need it. The HVAC can also be shared with the other pods when connected being like a condominium building. Another issue would be servicing the HVAC and electricity when the pod is out to sea. The inventor says he plans for making the systems very user-friendly so that the occupants can service them on the go. Overall, the community seems excited to check out the prototype in action.

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