Needed air quality control

I’d personally consider myself a nerd. I have silly hobbies and interests that totally occupy my time frame and thoughts, and I really geek out while i meet someone who is also minded. We can talk on the subject of silly, inane topics all day long if given the prospect. That’s why I thought that it was funny when I had reached a fellow book collector one another week. This person, however, took their hobby to a whole new level – they had a customized HVAC system installed to maintain the grade of their collectibles. They had told me that over the years. they had accidentally lost a significant portion of humidity and heat, and from the time that had been investing more time and money into creating an excellent air quality to accommodate the massive library. They had gone so far as to replace the entire heating and cooling system in their house, as well as all for the duct work and air ports, in order to reposition the whole thing and optimize the airflow of which their storage rooms received. They also had discussed filtration systems installed on their heating and cooling units, which worked to remove any dust or mold particulates from the air before it touched your precious volumes. I wasn’t even aware who was a concern, considering they continued you have several dehumidifying stations added on to the ventilation system, which had extra HVAC air filters themselves. They installed separate temperature and humidity monitoring stations within the collectible rooms, so that these folks kept at a perfectly persistent condition, 24/7. I guess maybe I’m not really a nerd after all.

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