I need to service my air conditioner

My friends plus I chose to take our College test at the same instance. The village where that test was being done was about two hours away from our house. It made sense for several of us to drive together, in an attempt for us to save funds on gas. Four of my friends plus myself all scheduled those university tests on a Saturday morning. We got our of bed early in the morning, so that all of us would be positive to get to that testing site on time. That building looked like it was falling down from the outside, plus it didn’t seem entirely good on the inside either. That was the first time I had ever visited a testing site. I was not completely impressed. Those friends plus I were seated inside of a place that had about 45 desks. Every desk was filled with ┬ásome student. I leaned down at one of those empty desks, plus waited for those tests to begin. About four ┬áminutes after I was given my testing packet, I could feel the first drop of water on the back of the neck. I turned my head to up above, only to visualize the air conditioning vent dripping down on me once again. I tried to ignore that dripping air conditioning vent, although it seemed to make the test go by faster. Their air conditioning vent drove me crazy, plus I requested the professor on our break that if he could do anything about the problem. Their dripping air conditioning vent had been so high in their ceiling that all of us could not find a ladder beg enough to close it or move it. I scooted my desk over to the front of this room, so that their AC vent could no longer drip on me.