Need intense heating

I live in some of the coldest climates in the country, often times it can get down to forty below zero but I’ve gotten used to it after a while here. There are a few things that I need to survive this cold climate though. First plus foremost, I need at least 2 pairs of thick wool socks on at all times. My feet get dangerously cold being in the snow all the time. Second, and for the same reason, I need a solid pair of thick gloves. I prefer them to be large mittens, however I’ll be happy with anything. Bare hands just won’t cut it. Next, I need a large winter overcoat and scarf. I wrap myself up to make sure little to no bare skin is being shown to the extreme elements. Last however truly not least, I need top of the line heating. I need heating in both my car and house of course. I use a baseboard heating system and a traditional HVAC system that provides heat throughout the whole house. I also have a space heater that puts out additional heating should I need to be out in the garage for some reason. One year I had my heating go out in my home. It was pretty awful. Luckily, I’m prepared and used to the cold so I had enough backup methods to keep me warm. Between my winter gear and backup heaters, I was all set while the professionals did the oil furnace repair. They were quite used to being such a valued asset around this area. I don’t care for the cold, however I’m used to it.

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