Need the AC behind me

I’ve become having some difficulty sleeping at night, which is nothing new for me personally really. My entire life I’ve experienced insomnia and it always appears like a fight to lay straight down and turn my brain from. I just can’t collect my thoughts enough to remain in a restful slumber, and that is certainly only agitated by being uncomfortable the slightest bit. Lately, my strange new sleeping preference is always to lay down on the couch inside the living room, right underneath the window air conditioner. Though the bed is significant and comfortable and the bedroom has it’s own air conditioning unit installed so there’s no deficiency of cool air getting in, I still can’t seem to uncover sleep there for the past weeks. As such, I moved to the couch one night and found my myself drifting off to sleep, partially due to the significant cooling window unit located behind me. Not only does the frosty air blowing directly over my body help to keep me perfectly comfortable, but I do believe that the constant hum in the ventilation system right behind your head really soothes me. Though it’s too bright out in the living room, and I must sleep with a sweater on my face to uncover total darkness, I sleep like a baby listening to the mechanical hum of the air conditioner. It’s kind of like a white noise machine that also functions to maintain the room at the perfect air temperature in my situation to cuddle into the quilts. I am in love with my cooling system.