My job is important to me

I have been battling with my work office for many months about the air conditioning and additionally heating problems and difficulties that my core team are struggling with daily. They don’t seem to be bothered in any way by the lack of maintenance of the business building. I believe that making time for the comfort of the workplace and actual hard working employees will greatly affect work leads to better the company. We have been dealing with the issue for months without attention after several written complaints. I don’t think it’s fair to ask so much of us through work projects and deadlines while we’re battling an old HVAC system that could be constantly shutting down without warning, bouncing back from heating to cooling at the wrong periods, vents which are clearly clogged from the cranking noises you hear coming out from them leaving you wondering if the filters have indeed been changed. Next there is the dust together with grime threatening allergies, but the worst is the gross stench from the ductwork! It’s insanity at its best, yet at the same time, they expect us to operate in it? Finally, I have had enough and my group is drawing up a proposal to work from home. I really don’t want to forfeit my job, for I really need it and I really do enjoy it usually. It would be ideal to work at home with more productivity while not having to rely anyone’s HVAC heating and cooling but my own!

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